To inspire and form lay Catholics into holy and effective evangelists so that they are prepared to share the Gospel in all contexts of their lives.


Evangelization is central to the life of the Church. In fact, it is for this work that the Church herself exists. As such, each Catholic is called to be engaged in the work of evangelization. Too often this challenge is not met by Catholics. The reasons for this are many, but one of the central difficulties is that there is no formation offered in order to prepare them to be engaged in the work of evangelization. All areas of Christian life require discipleship and formation. This is seen in the way Christ Himself discipled the twelve for 3 years. It has also been demonstrated over the past 2000 years of Christianity during which Christians were formed in countless ways (spiritual direction, spiritual reading, associations, missions, public teaching and preaching, catechetical programs, academic study, retreats, pilgrimages, celebration of the sacraments, etc). Each of these helped to form Christians in some particular area of their life.

The call to evangelize has been repeated numerous times by the Church in recent decades. In order to faithfully respond to this, Catholics need to be formed in what evangelization is and how to do it. John Paul II spoke of a new springtime which would come about from the work of the new evangelization. In order for this to become a reality, the lay faithful must be formed so that they can be engaged in this noble work. relit is an intensive and integrated program which help to form the participants theologically, spiritually, and practically so that they can be active participants in the new evangelization. By receiving this formation, they will not only be renewed in their own personal call as a Catholic, but they will be able to support their parish and local Church and lead them to be renewed in the same spirit. From this perspective, a relit can be an essential part of the renewal of a parish.


relit is directed toward those who are already evangelized. They form these people such that they can go on to evangelize others. It is recognized that this type of formation may not be appropriate for every person in a particular parish (since some of them are not already well evangelized). Most parishes, however, do have a core of people who are indeed evangelized and so are in need of formation so that they can share the Gospel with others.


relit — Live is a slightly more extensive version of the DVD program relit released in July 2015. It usually lasts 2.5 – 3.5 days.  Most often it is run over a weekend meaning it either runs Thursday night to Sunday afternoon OR Friday night to Sunday afternoon.  It is composed of 12-18 45 minutes sessions which are primary teaching but also workshops, discussion, exercises, and practicums.

There are five centrals areas covered:

  1. The theology of evangelization
  2. The spirituality of the evangelist
  3. Contextual evangelization
  4. Frameworks for evangelization
  5. Practical tools for effective evangelization

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