Michael has spoken to groups of all sizes on a variety of different topics related to the new evangelization.  Here is a sampling of just some of the topics on which he has spoken, although he does work with organizers to craft talks which are perfectly fit for the event.  Some of these topics are directly related to evangelization, some are not.  All of them have an evangelical flavour and impetus:

        • Being a Man Today: Love and marriage
        • Catholicism Today: The life of the Christian in the age of materialism
        • Christmas in Context: What the kerygma tells us about Christmas
        • Divine Love: The work of God in my life
        • Evangelization and Pro-Life: What’s the connection?
        • Evangelization and the Eucharist: What’s the connection?
        • Give God permission: Openness to the Divine Will
        • God is Dead: Really?
        • Holiness and Mission: The baptismal vocations
        • Integrated Living: Catholic moral issues
        • New Evangelization: A call to deeper communion with God
        • New Evangelization: Challenges and opportunities in Post-Modernity
        • New Evangelization: Keys to success
        • New Evangelization: Learning to tell your story and His story
        • New Evangelization: What is new about the new evangelization?
        • Missionary Identity: Who are we as Christians?
        • My Parish: More than where I go to Mass
        • The Church: Who is she and what does she do?
        • The Heart of Christianity: The great story of creation, sin, redemption, and salvation

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