The premier annual conference on the new evangelization.  Held live in Ottawa and broadcasts to host sites throughout Canada and the United States.

The New Evangelization Summit brings together that greatest minds in the Church to speak on the new evangelization.  Participants from around Canada and the USA are able to participate through local host sites which carry the New Evangelization Summit.  These participants are inspired to share their faith with others, formed in how to be effective in evangelization, and connected with like-minded Catholics. For anyone serious about sharing the faith – whether pastor, missionary, or lay person, this annual event, organized by MRM, is essential.

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Working with Minstry23, MRM created this powerful DVD program which contains much of the material of the School of Evangelization.  This is the best crash-course in the new evangelization available and has the potential to deeply impact individuals and create an environment for renewal in parishes.

The Relit program consists of 18 lessons on DVD, a study guide, and a leaders guide. Those that go through it will learn both the theory and also practical tools for sharing the faith with others.  This program is designed to be run in parishes or with small groups where the participants can view the lessons and then follow the discussions of the study guide.  The program forms participants in the areas of theology, spirituality, contextual evangelization, frameworks of evangelization, and tools to do it.  Relit is ideal for those who want to be able to share their faith but are not sure what to say, how to do it, and who are afraid of sharing.  Through this formation they will find that many of their fears of taken away, they are given very clear instruction on how to actually do it, and they will have practice in what we share when we evangelize.

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